Expedition Clandestine Waters sole objective is to investigate transmedium crafts currently designated as Unidentified Submerged Objects more commonly referred to as USOs or UAPs, and their connection to the world's ocean.

Beneath the waves may be our best chance to find real answers | Summer 2021

Inaugural Mission Summer 2021

Mission ECW-1 | San Diego

Real scientific research in the public domain.

This is a first of its kind publicly funded and operated scientific research expedition independent of any government or institutional oversight to obtain evidence of the intelligent source behind Unidentified Submerged Objects, more commonly referred to as USOs or UAPs.

Modern mankind generally travels through the sky and sea for completely different reasons. We want to determine if the same is true of the UAP/USO phenomenon. Beneath the waves may be our best chance to find real answers.

There is a definitive link between our oceans and the UFO phenomenon with a very real possibility that the waters off the coast of San Diego is of some great importance to that connection. It's not only our military that has had encounters in this area, fishermen and civilians have had many sightings and encounters as well.

We will be using a chartered research vessel and support boats to deploy advanced underwater drones, sonar mapping devices and specialized sensors among other technologies to collect and process data.

A fully transparent and interactive expedition for everyone

This expedition will be live streamed 24 hours a day with many dedicated cameras for the public to choose from during the entire expedition located on multiple boats and strategically placed buoys. An interactive chat will also be available with our expedition team ambassadors for anyone who wants to participate as the action unfolds live. All data gathered will also be immediately available to the public via our website during the entire expedition creating an opportunity for the public to analyze the data themselves and be a part of new discoveries

Anticipated Mission launch is mid August 2021.

ECW-1 San | Diego Coast

Live Video and Data Repository

This section will be our dedicated hub to share all video feeds, raw data collected from our sensors, underwater drones and all other various data collection methods. Data collected will be uploaded here in near real-time during the entirety of the expedition. There will also be a seperate webiste dedicated to this data hub at data.clandestinewaters.com.

All raw information in this hub will be available to the researchers and the public to analyze and distribute at no cost.

Live Streaming Video

Coming Soon - A complete list of active feeds available will be announced prior the Expedition launch. (The video links below are for demonstration purposes only to show some of examples of the many steaming video sources launching this summer)

  • Main Resech Vessel - Surface Stream

    Current Coordidates: 32.7157° N, 117.3411° W

    Current Camera Direction: NE

    Camera Placement: Stern view of MRV

    Status: Offline

  • Buoy Camera - Surface Stream

    Current Coordidates: 32.9717° N, 118.7805° W

    Current Camera Direction: SW

    Camera Placement: Attached to buoy (BCD-0023)

    Status: Offline

  • Support Vessel - Underwater Stream

    Current Coordidates: 32.1277° N, 117.1611° W

    Current Camera Direction: W

    Camera Placement: Hull of (SV-3) bow view

    Status: Offline

underwater unmanned vehicle (UAV) Data

No Data Yet - Downlodable raw data files will be uploaded as recieved during expedition.

Stationary Data Colletion Buoys

No Data Yet - Downlodable raw data files will be uploaded as recieved during expedition.

Submersible Drone Footage

No Data Yet - Downlodable raw data files will be uploaded as recieved during expedition.

Sonar Data

No Data Yet - Downlodable raw data files will be uploaded as recieved during expedition.

Radar Data

No Data Yet - Downlodable raw data files will be uploaded as recieved during expedition.

Research Team Journals

No Entries Yet - Our Project Team Leaders will be posting research notes and insights from our scientists and researchers after data is collected and analyzed.

Interactive Chat with Research Ambassadors

No Messages Here Yet - Our Research Ambassadors will be starting the conversation here on June 5th 2021.

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Expedition Clandestine Waters

Who We Are

We can no longer ignore what we are fully capable of doing ourselves.

We are not Ufologists. We are a team of professionals with a variety of skilled and technical backgrounds who have formed this endeavour to scientifically investigate the UFO phenomenon and more specifically study its connection with Earth's oceans.

We, along with many others out there have been growing tired of reality TV shows and other tabloid research trying to pass as legitimate investigations into the UFO phenomenon. We have also grown tired believing our government and others could be the only ones qualified to study and be gatekeepers of such information.

We formed because of a collective desire to not be passive observers to this phenomenon anymore, but instead participate in and start a new chapter of real scientific research that belongs in the public domain.

Transparency, Data Integrity and Our Responsibility to Public Discourse.

We will never conceal data, methods or sources. We will not alter any data, videos or imagery that is provided to the public. We will not embellish or exaggerate findings to mislead the public.

Our mission is to discover evidence and facts surrounding the USO phenomenon to give the public what is rightfully theirs.

Coming Soon


Support Us

Keeping the Boats Afloat

Share our mission

Support comes in many different forms that are not always about cash donations. Above all we want to inspire the need for real scientific research to be done by more people and organizations around the globe to investigate these and other phenomenons. Spread our message about our mission to inspire others to join our collective cause.

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Unfortunately nothing in this world is cheap, especially not scientific research missions out at sea.

Chartered research vessels can cost sometimes as much as $10,000 per day to run with crew, fuel and other operational costs involved. Underwater drones, Sonar Equipment and other sensors also come with pretty large price tags as well. If we want go beyond the days of people using GoPro cameras and calling it legitmate reseach, real effort needs to be involed.

An allocated amount of total funds raised will also be set aside for other people and organizations to start their own scientific research projects regarding the UAP and USO phenomenon. Research needs to be done in more than a few spots across the world with different methods. Our mission is not to be alone in our efforts, but to be part of a larger scientific research community in the end.

Our appreciation of your support is larger than we can ever express. Thank You!


We Want To Hear From You

We welcome any and all to contact us! Any questions about this expedition, strategic partnership inquiries, sponsorship requests or if you just want to say hi. You can use the appropriate email addresses listed or the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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